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Recent Notable Projects

We take pride in the fact that we work with so many of the local General Contractors and major clients in the West Michigan area and beyond. Our projects range in size from small to large but we certainly have the horsepower to handle large projects both in size and complexity. We complete between 300 and 400 projects each year.

Whirlpool Corporate Logo Wall and Story Wall

This was a very custom project that included the production and integration of millwork, metal, imported products, acrylics, graphics, and technology. GVWP and Hazelhoff Builders were asked to work with Whirlpool directly based on previous project experience. 

Whirlpool Early Childhood Center

In partnership with Pioneer Construction and Integrated Architecture, GVWP engaged in the development, production, and installation of some very unique architectural components. From sculptural trees, ceiling features, custom printed cabinets doors, and interactive display walls. We are proud to have delivered on all of our promises for these great customers and partners.

Grand Valley State University- Lubbers Stadium  

We are proud of the custom lockers, display cases, and custom components at Grand Valley State University for their Football program. Go Lakers!

Gerald R Ford International Airport

We recently completed a major renovation and expansion for the Ford Airport which included over 50 veneer columns that were veneered with a vacuum bag in our shop.

 Commercial Projects

These are just a sampling of some of our past projects. Please Contact Us for further information on current and past projects!

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