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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the more commonly asked questions about our countertops, the process, and concerns.

Please contact us if you have any other specific questions about your project!

  • Do you have a showroom and what are the hours?
    Yes! We have a showroom that is set up to help you make informed decisions about your project. Our showroom features different manufacturers of Solid Surface and Quartz. We also have samples of granite and marble. Our showroom is open Monday & Wednesday 8-4 pm, Friday 8-2 pm, or by appointment. Please call ahead to arrange a time to meet us.
  • How do I get a quote for my countertops?
    You can get a quote for your countertops by simply sketching out the dimensions of your new countertops. These can then be emailed to us at, faxed to us at 616-475-5118, or by bringing them to us in person at our showroom. We will promptly return your quote to you!
  • What is Quartz (or Engineered Stone)?
    Quartz countertops, also know as engineered stone, is granite that has been ground up and mixed with a binding resin. The ratio of granite to resin is approximately 93% granite and 7% resin. This results in a uniform surface that is completely non-porous and will thus not stain. I've heard that granite easily stains. Is that true? Granite is naturally very porous material. Upon leaving our facility, your new countertop will have a sealer applied that will keep liquids and foods from staining your surface. These sealers will have to be reapplied at different times during the lifetime of your countertop. It all depends on the type of sealer used but every one of our tops will be sealed when installed. Contact us and we can give you more information on your sealer options.
  • Do you remove our old tops?
    Yes! We can remove and dispose of your old countertops.
  • Do you do plumbing?
    No! We do not do any type of plumbing, gas lines or electric work of any kind. Please make arrangements with your contractor to have this work done.
  • Do you offer sinks?
    Yes! We carry a line of stainless steel kitchen, bar and vanity sinks for granite and quartz. We also have a kitchen, bar and vanity sinks available for a solid surface that are made by the individual manufacturers.
  • What is the square foot price for granite, quartz and solid surfaces?"
    We do not price our countertops per square foot! Pricing countertops by square foot can be very misleading. A square foot price does not include all the "extras" that can drive the ultimate price upward. We will give you a price for the entire counter tops with everything included. No surprises at the end!
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